FELICIATED with HONOUR – Received Token of Gratitude from the Christ University, Bengaluru – Thank You!!!


Being a captain as a profession is very audacious, reputed, well-appointed and rewarding, putting on the thinking hats, aspire out of the league and aim to live a thrilling yet euphoric life. Flying is not all fantasy and cool views but involves enormous hard work, persistence and struggle before one embarks on the high life.

Thank You for giving the privilege and inviting me for being a part of the corporate interface at Christ University, Bengaluru. Receiving felicitation was an honour from Archana Singh, PhD Associate Professor – HR, altogether it was a pleasant experience knowledge sharing session and educating students on the cyclical nature of the airlines industry and aspiring them by narrating own the real life stories a journey of Poonam Devrakhyani to Capt. Poonam Devrakhyani.

Sharing the lime light moments and addressing 350 students, was a prodigious twinkling, giving back what you take back and helping tomorrow (future generation) to shape from our own life events.
The extra mile to travel and keep going with the learning passion imbedded with, it’s an honour to be an AirAsia Captain, sticking to the guns of turf fights and critical decision is the core of my life agenda where makes me where am I today. The students really took up and the amazing part of the genera is they belief in the factor of risk associated with the life goals rather than considering it an assumptions.

The students at the Christ University are High’O Individual with perspective of nation building and offering service to our society, captivating about the thought of flying amongst the clouds and reaching distant lands and giving a sense of achievement.

My only motivation – “Chase your dream and passion until you see the end” 


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