REMINISCENCE – The Special Feel, a Never Forgotten Appreciation

Rewards and Recognition is an integrated process not a bolt on-process. As we all know the value of our degree, the time and efforts we invested to be a qualified individual. The special moments are the one which always lived by our hearts, the time spent during garnering education milestone.
In this Blog I would like to share my emotional moments of pride and honour which almost took me with a roller-coaster ride. My Alma Master: Bombay Flying School and College Days are the one of the best time of life. Friends, teachers, bunks, games and learning activities’ everything apart from studies is fun but studies are fun in their own whelmed.
In order to pursue my aviation dreams of flying high steering the sky being a free bird as weightless, my  BSc in Aviation was more than a choice rather than a Degree, it was one step moving towards my dream.  Let me bring to you all my real life real experience story which my aim here is to boost your motivation and achieve your domain garnering experiences from my life lessons.
My enthusiasm went on increasing an gaining momentum as I received appreciation from my fellow mates and professors who can see the sheer in my eyes to stand out with flying colours, willingness to grow & prosper with good grades. As I kept on moving with the flow and my result made “ALL SHOUT OUT” the surprising fact that thrilled me all my efforts and determination turned out to be rewarding “TOPPER MUMBAI UNIVERSITY – BSc in Aviation” I received an invitation on email 23rd February from my principal for my convocation ceremony, I was so shocked and unfortunate to miss my graduation ceremony where in we always aspire ourselves to have picture clicked with the whole group of your fellow mates and felicitated & honoured.
I was at Manali for my solo paragliding and the day the ceremony was scheduled it was the day where massive landslides were happening at Manali, due to which I couldn’t attend my convocation ceremony, my teachers and all the university people missed me more than I regretted my absence in the event. Though this regret never lasted long. I soon received an honour at my college. My principal organized a special event to celebrate my success. This are the best memories of life that I can preserve forever. One thing I learned through my experiences so far, never give up on your dreams, it inevitably turns into real. If your efforts are real, you can surely witness the horizons.


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